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The Nutrition Advantage, Inc. by Deborah Arneson - The Online Nutrition Clinic
Dec 08

The Online Nutrition Clinic

Our goal is to educate individuals to reach their optimal health potential through a deep analysis of their status and providing a personalized healing nutritional system.
  • Experience a mind positioned in calm clarity
  • Discover your path to a life in balance
  • Detoxify your body gently
  • Awaken your sleeping spirit
  • Rejuvenate your parched soul
  • Unveil your personal journey

Fries, Thighs, and Lies


Time to banish the Fat Frauds that have made this country so obese! Get the skinny on fat...


Client Testimony

Dear Deborah,
After spending three years going to every sort of doctor I could find, feeling bloated and continuously sick, I went to see you upon advise from my dear, Infinity friend, Nancy. I am so glad I listened to her! You have changed my life and helped return to my “old self”. You taught me through the diet you prescribed, that I didn’t have to settle for “menopausal symptoms”. By eating the foods you have taught me to eat, drinking the protein shake in the morning, and keeping food logs, not only have I lost 7 pounds, but my figure has returned. I feel like I used to feel when I was in my 40s. Plus, I learned that I could eat and not be hungry if I eat the right foods. Who would think that olives could change my life?


Deborah's Mission for Your Life


Most would agree with the adage that you have little to nothing without good health. Whatever else you possess, whether it be treasured relationships or vast material wealth, health problems can eclipse it all.

The goal of Nutrition Consulting is to empower people by enabling them to experience a healthier body and mind given an approach based on simplicity. The old food Pyramid and outdated guidelines have been completely redesigned as they can be injurious to your health and have shown to increase ones risk of developing diseases such as diabetes. Each individual has specific, unique needs that require personalized assessment and guidance.
My three very simple steps are:
AWARENESS of your metabolism and the different health levels you can achieve based on your biochemical needs. Varied testing is supported by personalized questionnaires, all are keys to identifying the right nutrition therapy treatment for you.
KNOWLEDGE of how to shop and select the right products and feed yourself in a nutritious and delicious way, involving a wide choice of simple, quick and easy recipes that save you volumes of time. Inquire about your Personalized Cooking Classes.

HEALING using proven and identified methodologies. You will be introduced to specific Ayurvedic treatments including the healing power of PanchaKarma, a 5,000 year old Indian modality, plus the fat-burning treatment Udwarthenum and Khezi, a proven solution for pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lymphatic concerns.


Your Next Appointment

NOTE: Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment. We accept all major credit cards and personal checks.

We reserve the right to charge for appointments canceled less than 48 hours prior to time booked.
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Our Location

920 N Franklin Suite 402
Chicago, IL 60610
312 . 664 . 2288 ( t )
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