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Apr 21

What is Panchakarma


PanchaKarma is an Ayurvedic rejuvenation and detoxification program involving a pre-procedure applications using oils and powders that bring toxins to the natural excretory sites.

The entire cycle takes anywhere from 5-21 days, and often includes the use of various medicated oils as well as herbal teas tailored to your dosha type.

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PanchaKarma produces certain effects on the body and mind, which are rejuvenating in nature. PanchaKarma therapy is the supreme healing and rejuvenation protocol born of Ayurvedic Medicine and generally consists of Virechana--a cleaning of intestines to cure Pita related problems, Vasti--medicated oil enemas for Vata problems such as arthritis and back pains, Nasya--cleaning of the nasal sinuses which involves the application of oils through the nostrils to improve memory, intellectual function, heartache, etc., as well as Shirodhara--heated oils which stimulate the pineal gland and calm the brain. The goal of PanchaKarma is to restore you to your most perfectly balanced Dosha state, which exists at birth. Type of oil and herbal preparations used will vary depending on your personal Dosha.


Initial Consultation- $85.00 per 30 minutes
Pulse diagnosis and personal Dosha interpretation are assessed, lending guidance to your therapy. Ayurvedic principles are introduced to assist in correcting your present imbalances.
*Please note: Paperwork to be completed prior to consultation appointment.

Panchakarma - $85.00 per 30 minute treatment
See above for description of benefits and details (A minimum of 5 PanchaKarma Treatments Purchased at $725.00)

Shirodara - $40.00 per 20 minute treatment
A warm flow of coconut-based oil & herbs placed over the pineal gland often (referred to as the 3rd eye.) The flow┬Ł and temperature are determined by your current state of mind, the goal of Shirodara is to bring the brain into balance and harmony. This elicits a collective calm throughout the entire physical body, posturing the body to heal itself.
(*Please note if Shirodara is performed in conjunction with a Khezi or Udwarthenum treatment, an additional charge will be assessed for the use of medicated oils.)

Vasti - $30.00 per infusion
Warm medicated oils are used for chronic congested areas.
*Charge is $25.00 per treatment for sesame oil

Khezi - $95.00 per 30 minute treatment
Hot boluses containing 16 fresh medicated herbs are heated and repeatedly compressed on calcified, hardened muscle, tissue, bone, and old injuries to bring extraordinary relief for joint pain and deep muscle aches. Exceptional for lymphatic cleansing of chest and abdomen. For optimal results, we suggest a minimum of 3-4 days.

Udwarthenum - $95.00 per 30 minute treatment

This new-to-America treatment is an ancient thermogenic fat-burning detoxification scrub born of India. Medicinal herbs in a turmeric base are rigorously applied dependent on the client's Dosha type. Clients lose between 5-11 pounds of fat and/or 3-6% body fat per 7-day cycle. Results vary upon simultaneous detoxification and diet. Consultation required prior to treatment. (discounts available for each additional 7-day cycle, up to 28 days.)

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