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About Us - The Nutrition Advantage, Inc. by Deborah Arneson
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Dec 08

Deborah's Mission for Your Life.


Most would agree with the adage that you have little to nothing without good health. Whatever else you possess, whether it be treasured relationships or vast material wealth, health problems can eclipse it all. The goal of Nutrition Consulting is to empower people by enabling them to experience a healthier body and mind given an approach based on simplicity.

Fries, Thighs, and Lies


Time to banish the Fat Frauds that have made this country so obese! Get the skinny on fat...


About Us

"Owning a business has always been part of the American Dream. Here and there over the course of two-plus decades, I’ve asked myself, ‘What was I thinking?’ On the other hand, I never live in fear of being fired! The question I revisit as I evolve as both a business owner and nutritionist with the primary intent to educate and empower people to heal themselves is this: What are the key elements needed to continue to grow my business and attract new clients? I believe it is fortitude blended with endless flexibility lathered in a hugely caring heart; yet professional in my follow through!" says Deborah Arneson, who, over the past 25 years, has built successful nutrition consulting businesses.

Today, Deborah is reaching a wider audience by moving into the far-reaching opportunity that the Internet can offer. Chat, e-mail, webcam, and Mp3 downloads are the typical tools she will utilize use to guide her clients from afar. On a typical consulting day, Deborah provides five to eight private counseling sessions ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. Having established name recognition through local publicity as a health editor and monthly contributor for Today's Chicago Woman magazine for over a decade, she has educated and guided women onto their path towards optimal health. Over the years, Deborah has authored two children’s books, The Heart Smart Kids and The Junk Food Junkies, as well as her acclaimed Fries Thighs and Lies: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Getting the Skinny on Fat. Her national lectures educate Pharmacists and Doctors, evolving into a cornucopia of radio and cable shows based on all aspects of health and nutrition. Within her private practice, referral sources continue to stream in from energized clients, thrilled with their new found health.

"What I habitually witness in my practice is how extremely fatigued most Americans feel, day after day. Ninety percent of my clients need to reduce body fat and far too many are on anti-depressants. I counsel my clients once a week for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks, incorporating educational DVDs along with a personalized toolkit filled with "condition" focused information," Deborah explains. Her turn-point education involves education-based knowledge for consumers in how to incorporate the right food percentages daily to create fast results. Next is teaching her clients how to manage their all too precious time, how to shop smart and cook quickly often in bulk.

"My passion is to educate the public as well as my clients regarding how to obtain and most importantly maintain amazing energy for the long haul which in turn equates to great health overall. A new client's initial intake may include current nutrient/diet assessment, blood or saliva based hormone analysis, blood pressure and body fat testing, and most importantly goal setting with reasonable due dates."


Deborah Arneson has brought health and total wellness to thousands over the past two decades with one on one consulting, public appearances, seminars, TV and radio shows extolling the benefits of nutrition and optimal health.

Applying her experience along with her BS degree in Food Science and Biochemistry, as well as an MS in Counseling Psychology, Deborah has created wellness programs and seminars for corporations and health care providers across the nation including The American Hospital Association, State Farm Insurance, Farley Industries, Putnam Publishing, Blue Cross- Blue Shield, JAG Group of California, as well as Cook County and Provident Hospitals.

Deborah is the Vice-Chairman for the Illinois Board of Professional Regulation and an accredited member of the American Preventive Medical Association, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the International Association of American Clinical Nutritionists and the American Association of Integrative Medicine, licensed in the state of Illinois,

Deborah continually expands her education and knowledge in the field of preventive, environmental and Ayurvedic based care via seminars both locally and nationally.

From her office in Chicago, she counsels private clients one-on-one using a multi-systems questionnaire, comprehensive blood analysis, saliva hormone testing, plus a stress toxicity assessment. All plans are tailored for each individual's health, personal nutrient needs and weight loss goals.

Well-known for her national magazine, newspaper columns and television appearances and radio interviews, Deborah enjoys sharing her unique insights into the dynamics of basic physiology and nutrition with her audiences. As producer of Chicago Access Cable shows "For Your Own Good," "Healing Quest" and "The F Words," Deborah entertains and informs, clearing up health and fitness myths while promoting good health through network's affiliates, radio and TV.

Deborah's professional credits and activities include:

  • Author of Fries, Thighs and Lies - a handy pocket guidebook in which Deborah humorously demystifies the many zany health myths fed by the media.
  • Monthly Contributing health editor on women's concerns for Today's Chicago Woman magazine
  • Developed multi-faceted seminar series on interactive health for corporations such as The American Hospital Association, State Farm Insurance, Putnam, The Goodman Group, The Red Cross, The Lutheran Church of America as well as Farley Industries
  • Produced "The F Words" weekly TV show on Cable 25 Chicago
  • Created "The Heart Smart Kids" and "The Junk Food Junkies" children's education vignettes, books and audiotapes
  • Chicagoland Health Quest radio spots. Tune in while on hold at her office!
  • Producer of Channel 21 "Healing Quest" Consumer Health Awareness Show. Aired in Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • The Natural Grocers radio show. Guest on Janel Landon's "Women Today" show
  • Designed and developed out-patient education program for Cook County and Provident Hospital's out-patient Clinics.
  • Consultant for Provident Hospitals outreach pre-natal clinics developing nutrition workshops, educational materials, as well as community health reach projects.
  • Developed community outreach education programs for Blue Cross-Blue Shield
  • Monthly seminar presenter for the JAG Group of California educating pharmacists and physicians on nutritional therapeutics.
  • Projects in the development stage include an animated television series for children.

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